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Welcome to our website about Concrete Sanders. I am Alex Winter, a passionate DIYer and the owner of this page. I have been into home improvement and repairs for more than a decade, and I am particularly excited about working with concrete.

Concrete as Construction Material

When walking through a random city, you might be tempted to think of concrete as the ugliest construction material in the world. Grayish concrete apartment blocks, cracking asphalt roads, highway ramps, etc. However, this wide-spread use of concrete proves two things: concrete is an affordable construction material and it comes with great characteristics, like stability, durability etc. for the buck.

Keeping this in mind and moving on to other concrete buildings and objects – think of top-notch architecture using concrete, e.g. Bauhaus-style buildings, artful walls, even Hollywood’s Walk of Fame – you will be realizing that concrete can also come with an appealing look!

Use of Concrete in and around Private Homes

Concrete has been used for houses and yards for years. Pathways and driveways, patios, walls and garage floors are just a few examples. Some houses may even be entirely built with concrete, with floors, ceilings and walls made of this material.

Inside the house, concrete countertops have become a popular choice for state-of-the-art kitchen. Walls and floors can be made of concrete to achieve a certain appearance that can range from a cool and industrial look to a cozy or artful look, e.g. if terrazzo is used.

Concrete also Needs Care and Maintenance

Although concrete is super-durable and does not require care like wood or other materials, a certain minimum maintenance is needed. This includes sanding and finishing concrete surfaces upon installation and regularly from time to time.

Thereby, concete sanding is not only a preparation of the finish (as in woodworking), it also determines the look of the surface: the more you sand, the more you are going to expose the aggregates in your concrete mix – gravel, stones or even granite, glass or marble become more visible through sanding.

Sanding and Polishing Concrete

You will typically be sanding a concrete surface with rough grits first, move forward to finer grits and eventually polish and finish or re-finish the surface.

On this website, I will provide you with practical step-by-step guides and instructions how to do those kinds of jobs. My team and I will also review the concrete grinders on the market and come up with recommendations and suggestions which tool and equipment will be the best for your particular needs.

We hope you enjoy reading our articles and working with concrete yourself!